Madelon's Teaching Schedule
Madelon's Choreography Resume (.pdf)
Known for her ability to teach both the absolute beginner as well as the professional, Madelon has taught all forms of dance at the high school, college and professional levels to dancers of all ages and experience. She is well-known for her exciting, energetic and thorough teaching. Patient and encouraging, her innovative teaching style incorporates an extensive break-down of body movements combined with creative and challenging combinations and choreography.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your classes. They have renewed my enthusiasm in ballet. I was starting to lose motivation for ballet before being introduced to your class. I felt like I could work on improving individual steps but there wasn't any goal in sight that could elevate my dancing significantly. When I started attending your class, and you started correcting me, it changed my perspective about what I can work on. Your barre is intricate and fun. The center is longer and more elaborate than I had ever done before. I would never have thought I could remember long combinations like these! I'm learning a lot.
--JJ Tuan, student, Mountain View CA

Madelon possesses incredible technical and artistic insight into the art of ballet. Her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity make her classes both challenging and inspiring, and her passion is infectious. Simply put, Madelon will make you the best dancer you can possibly be.
--Maryse Meijer, student, Chicago IL

I improved within months of studying with Madelon. Her class trained me to pick up combinations with particular attention to timing, as well as develop individual artistry within movement. From beginner to advanced, she offers a challenging yet supportive atmosphere. Even after studying with her for years, I continue to be impressed by the breadth of her knowledge about dance and other art forms as well as her ability to help dancers progress.
--Darrian O'Reilly, student, New York NY

Madelon is unparalleled in her unique, enthusiastic, philosophical and successful approach to teaching the art of dance to all ages. She is dependable, responsible and extremely energetic, but most of all, she cares about her students!
--Pam Christo, former Director, Andover School of Ballet, Andover, MA.

Madelon is available for freelance teaching in classical ballet including private and master classes. She is also available for ballet choreographic work. Please contact Madelon for more information and rates.