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What meditation is to the soul...STOTT PILATES is to the body.

Once the best kept secret of dancers and celebrities, Pilates conditions and balances, strengthens and slims without punishing the body or drastically pushing your body's limits. There's no rough bouncing or harmful jarring of the joints. The beauty of Pilates is that with a simple series of slow, smooth, flowing stretches you can dramatically alter the way you look and have a super-positive impact on the way you feel.

Madelon's private instruction takes place in a serene home setting. A fully-certified Pilates instructor, she has been studying and training in all methods of Pilates on both coasts. Her preferred method is STOTT Pilates, which is one of the safest and most effective exercise programs available.

Pilates helps the individual to look inward, primarily by emphasizing their breathing, which helps the mind to focus on what the body is doing. People who practice Pilates-based exercises report that their workouts leave them feeling more serene, invigorated, and self-aware.
--Moira Merrithew

Please contact Madelon for further information, scheduling, and pricing for private instruction.